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"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted,
 wealth is useless, and reason is powerless"
Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist


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Live Strong for Life

The Shariah Way

"There Must be No Harm, or Harming"

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam

It is Specifically Forbidden to Take a Vaccine.

Here's why:

Shariah on Vaccines

Documentation of Harm
[from the above, "Shariah on Vaccines" site]


Declarations from Other Ulema

"Infection by Injection"

"Stop All Vaccines
All Vaccines are Poison
 and Unnecessary"
Dr Judy Mikovitz

Vaccine Science and Myth

The Real Purpose of Vaccines

You Better Believe It!

Look Out for Your Children!


"Vaccines contain Haraam constituents such as pig gelatin,
 monkey kidney cells, and horse blood..."  C19vaxx


Do not kill yourselves, indeed God is the Most
 Merciful upon you.
an: 4:29)



It is clear now, with the Shariah, and all the research
 that has been available, you have:

*Harmed Your Body -- by destroying its natural ability to repair
 itself, and its natural immunity to ward off disease;

* Harmed Your Life by making yourself open to all kinds of diseases
 and infections, and also shortened it to where you can now
 unexpectedly "drop dead" even at a young age

*Harmed Your Family; if you are a provider of their food, clothing, shelter
 and education, means no longer being able to be a provider for
for them in any way because you have --

*Shortened your Life; and in some future time,

*Become a Burden on Them because you now have a

 --debilitating or life-threatening disease--



Do not throw yourselves into destruction with your own
 hands. Do good, for God certainly loves those
 who do good.
(Qurʾan: 2:195)

Turn Your Life Around NOW
Live Strong for Life the
 Shariah Way

Testimony of Mr. Abdulhussein Sari,

Community Member of
Al Mustafa Center,
1613 Miriam Ave, Garner NC

I was always feeling tired, had low energy, and had been experiencing brain fog and the inability to use my mind and brain to any productive extent.  I was buying vitamins and anything else I could find in the supplement section of supermarkets and health food stores that could help boost my health and well being.  I found though, nothing was making any real difference that could change how I would feel and function each day.

It all changed when I was introduced to the USANA line of nutritional supplements by a friend.  When I began taking them, it was only TWO WEEKS when I FELT a definite improvement in my ability to function well!  I felt less tired all the time and my energy had improved to where I could accomplish a lot more.  My brain fog lifted and my mental clarity improved.  I was also accomplishing course work to the level that was 12 months ahead of my colleagues.  On top of it all  I also sleep well. 

I highly recommend these nutritional supplements to turn around the damage that the vaccines, and any other pollution in the environment has done (and is doing).  It removes the filth and toxins out of our body, cleanses it, and at the same time, starts improving and building it back to be the best that it can be the way Allah had designed it for us. God is merciful and all-loving to all His Creation.


WHY the USANA Supplements Work So Well
 that Even Olympic Athletes Take Them

Scientifically Created, Formulated
 and Developed

by Dr Myron Wentz, Ph.Ds in Microbiology
 and Immunology and Pioneer in Cell-Culture Technology

*The USANA Vitamins and Minerals are the Top-of-the Line
 of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements that Even
Olympic Athletes Use Them to Give
Them the Edge;

 *These Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Are Made
 with the Right Ingredients, the Right Amounts,
 the Right Balance, the Right Forms, and
  the Right Quality High Standard

*They are Pharmaceutical Grade Giving the Potency
 You Need to Feel the Difference in your
 Health and Energy Level;

Your Food:

The USANA Fomulas Are Able to Offset the Malnutrition We
 Are All Experiencing in the World through the
 Polluted, Damaged and Depleted Soils
 that Our Food is Grown In

Where Food no Longer Gives Us all The Nutrients
 We Need to Stay Well and Healthy
 for a Lifetime;

See here:




Note:  Vitamins Do Not Work without Minerals

And that is Why You Are Missing a Highly Important
 Vitamin for Your Body:

The Importance of Vitamin D

When Your Body is Missing All the Vital Nutrients to Keep
 it Running and Healthy at Its Optimal Level, it will
Start to Break Down Causing you to
Experience Debilitating
Diseases Like:

Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes,
 Osteoporosis Arthritis, and Obesity

USANA Nutritional Supplements Deliver Vitamins and Minerals
 Directly into the Cells Themselves--

[Instead of Going into Your Stomach and Out into Your
 Urine and Down theToilet as what happens
 with ALL other supplements]

 --The USANA Scientific Formula High Grade Quality Nutritional
 Supplements is Why You Feel the Difference
 to Your Energy Level and General
  Well Being in a Short Amount
 of Time!

Let's Do Good, for OURSELVES, with EACH OTHER,
and Then LIVE  FREE!

The Shariah Way









1 "Cellessentials"  :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/cellsentials/
2 "Magnecal D" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/magnecal-d/
3 "Probiotic" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/usana-probiotic/
4 "Proflavanol C100" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/proflavanol-c100/
5 "Coquinone 100" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/coquinone/
6 "Copaprime+" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/copaprime/
7 "Visionex DS" :  https://askthescientists.com/qa/visionex/

[Complement and Supercharge All Your Nutrition
 with a Daily Tablespoon or Two of Organic
 Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut
 Oil as

 the Most Healthiest Oil for
 Ingesting and Cooking!


The USANA "7"

$310 / Month
 (free shipping)

Volume Points:  206


The Shariah Way Network

What is Life without Your Health?

And When you Have Health -- Start to Live Free with Wealth


Total Package of Nutritional Supplements
 to Remove the Haraam Filth of the
 Vaccines from Your

 as It Includes on Top of All That

All the Environmental Pollutions and
 Toxins that Bombard Us on
 a Daily Basis

While at the Same Time, the Nutritional
Supplements will Start Cleansing,
Repairing and Building
 Back Your

as a Way of Life and Healthy Lifestyle

AND Turn Away and AVOID Debilitating Diseases
 Like Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke
  Diabetes, Osteoporosis,
 Arthritis, and Obesity



$310 / Month

USANA Volume Points:  206



You are Now Qualified to Earn Commission Checks

Each Month that will Build to a Passive

Income of $8,000+ per month

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All Muslims who Want to Feel Better, Have a Lot
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Retire Early and Do Good Things
with Their Life

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Health Plus Wealth is the Answer to Your Life!

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