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"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted,
 wealth is useless, and reason is powerless"
Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist


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The Meaning and Necessity
 of Residual Income

Most think of income as wages earned for a day's work, but residual income is different because it continues to pay out long after the initial effort of earning it has passed.

Residual income is appealing because some no longer want to work but desire income to simply raise family, or retire and enjoy life and family;  others would like to free up life itself so they can invest energy in the thing they actually have a passion for.  For any of these important reasons, residual income is highly attractive!




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Freedom and Motivation is in Residual Income



The American Dream Recaptured


Build Your Own Legacy Your Residual Income
 Can Also Be Passed on to Your Loved Ones




These all happened within the last few weeks:

* Someone got an eviction notice. His landlord wants to rent his apartment to the landlord’s brother. Rents are tough in San Francisco, especially with a dog.


* A young couple got married and she can’t find a job and he is working full time for minimum wage.


* A man broke his knee playing with his son. He couldn’t work and needed surgery.


* A woman who has a doctorate in education is called to her family home to help her mom following her dad’s passing and was required to leave her job.


* Grandpa died and the family gathered for a week, which was out of state for the grand-kids. (They did not have paid sick leave from their jobs.)

* A massage therapist had a car accident. No clients for weeks meant no income.


This is called life. And it will always be this way. One man loves his career counseling job, but it just does not meet his lifestyle demands. One woman loves her job, but she would really love to start a business but she does not have the $65,000 in start-up capital.

Life will get in the way, and life will make demands on us that stretch us financially. Unless you have an enormous wad of cash, a huge trust fund, or a machine to print money… you will need residual income.

Have you seriously considered what it would mean in your life to have money coming in every week, no matter what?

In life, you will need residual income. Now you know the meaning and importance of residual income. Start looking to create residual income now
you have nothing to lose and everything to gain it's also a win / win for everyone!



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