Exquisite Health

With the Option of Wealth

Starting With YOU!

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted,
 wealth is useless, and reason is powerless"
– Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist


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The USANA Vitamins and Minerals are the Rolls Royce of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements


These Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Are Made with the Right Ingredients, the Right Amounts, the Right Balance, the Right Forms, the Right Manufacturing

They are Pharmaceutical Grade Giving the Potency You Need to Feel the Difference in your Health and Energy Level


Why Do We Need to Add Vitamins and Minerals to Our Diet?


Because the Earth's Soils Have Been Misused and Abused and Depleted of their Nutrients –


Especially Here in the United States with the Highest Soil Nutrient Depletion


The USANA Fomulas Are Able to Offset the Malnutrition We Are All Experiencing in the World 

By Delivering Vitamins and Minerals Right into the Cells Themselves –


Which is Why You Will Feel the Difference to Your Energy Level and General Well Being in a Short Amount of Time

Here is a Genuine Vision:

"I dream of a world free from pain and suffering.  I dream of a world free from disease.  The USANA family will be the healthiest family on Earth. 


"Share my vision.  Love life, and live it to its fullest in happiness and health"

– Dr Myron Wentz, Inventor and Founder of USANA ("True Health") Nutritionals

Prevention is Better Than Cure – Turn Yourself Away from:

Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Obesity

Health Going Forward:

It's Not About Diagnosing Disease, It's About Maintaining Health


Avoid ALL that you can that damages your health

Twelve Chemicals that Damage Your Hormones

Opt Out of the Poisonous Industrial Food, Water and Medicinal System

Run Out from Any "Government Care"

What You Should Know About Wireless Technology and Cell Phones

Wireless Technology

Cell Phone and Cancer

Swiss Findings

Minimize the Damage

12 Basic Precautions

Wisdom for the Age

Don't leave your future in someone else's hands.



Exquisite Health & Wealth


The BEST INVESTMENT You will Ever Make

Now You Know that
Illness Prevention is the Right Track






The Gold Star 7 USANA Products
for OPTIMAL Health in Keeping You Disease Free

and No Need for Any Expensive Health Insurance Coverage

("that only benefits the insurance companies, the medical industry,
 the pharmaceutical industry
, and not the people who need it.”

Instead, Build Up Your Own Natural Innate
 Immunity to a Super Health Level


  Make a Gold Star 7 Investment in Yourself
For Life Long Illness Prevention and Reap the Benefits

What You Need:


E1)  The "Essentials" Mega Anti-Oxidant and Chelated Minerals
 for Cell Nourishment and High Level Immunity

— A Sure-Fire Defence for Yourself in a Disease Debilitating World


P2)   "Proflavonal 90" — The Same Amazing Benefits of Red Wine 
— A High Potency Grape Seed Extract for Super Boosting Your
 Immune System
— Never Get a Full Blown Infection Again


P3)  "Probiotics"  — Don't Let the Bad Guys Overpower the Good Guys Residing
in Your Gut.  80% of the Body’s Immunity is Found in the Intestines
— Which are the "Heart of Your Health"  


A4)  "Active Calcium" for Building of Both Bone and Muscle
 and with Extra Vit D
—Also Known to Prevent Cancer!



C5)  "CoQuinone 30" — Vital for Your Muscles, Heart and Nerves

After All, We Are a Powered by Our Hearts, Not our Heads!



B6)   "Biomega" for Protecting and Nourishing the Brain
 and Avoiding Alzheimer's

(Vegetarian Option
– Optomega)


V7)  "Visionex" – Keep your Eyes, Healthy, Young and Vital

— Avoid Vision Problems, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration



                   Knowledge is Power!

Know the Science of Protecting and Maintaining Your Health
 and Why You Need to "EPPAC-BV"


Now Get Paid to be Healthy by USANA Corporate!

Approximate Total for the Gold Star 7
 Investment in Yourself

 Through the
Business Level (Plan Below)

270.60 per Month / 211 PVP
 (Personal Volume Points)

— and Worth its Weight in Gold for the Advantage Gained

Shoot for $7,000+ Residual Income Per Month

 Formula for Your Health And Freedom

Find Like-Minded Individuals who Answer YES
 to the Following Two Questions:

1.  Would You Like to Experience a Life Time of Disease-Free
 Health and Feeling Great Energy?


Great, Then You Must Try the USANA "Essentials"
Also, it is a Little Known Fact that Vitamins Don't Work
 without Minerals!  So Start to Feel the Difference First
 in the USANA Essentials (E1 Above)

(Contact Amber
—or the Gold Star 7 Distributor who referred
 you to this page
—for your 30 day supply
 at wholesale price)

2.  Do You want to Take Care of Your Future
—like, Get Paid to be Healthy—
Because Life is Nothing without your Health.

YES!  All Sounds Good!


Then Get on the Gold Star 7 USANA Products "EPPAC-BV" for
 Your Peak Body Functioning and Create your own Business!

Why All 7 Products?

Know the Science of Protecting and
 Maintaining Your Health

And the Importance of Residual Income

"Of, By and For The People"

Author of  the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad

First Stage:

Find 2 Help 2  Until You Reach Out and Create a Network of

50 Distributors who are Doing the Same with You

Your Reward for the Effort of Helping Yourself as You Help Others:

 $4,000 Per Month;

Second Stage:

Find 2 Help 2  Until You Reach Out and Create a Network of

Another 50 Distributors who are Doing the Same with You

Your Reward for the Effort of Helping Yourself as You Help Others:

$8,000 Per Month in Your Mailbox

Exquisite Health & Prospering Wealth
 is Where We All Need to Be

Your Health, Pension and Retirement Has Now Been Achieved
—i.e. Taken Care of — for a Lifetime!

* * *

Fine Tuning the Formula for Your Residual Income Goal
of $8,000 per Month

A.  The Plan for Maximizing Income for All

1.  Open Up Three USANA Business Centers

Consider Your Three USANA Business Centers Now Your Network

and the 50 (Potential) in Your Network, Including You, as Investor / Distributors

2.  A Return on Your Three USANA Business Centers Requires that You Do:

A.   200 Personal Volume Points (PVP) Each Month from Your
 001 Business Center (See Diagram Below);

B.  And Another 200 Sales Volume Points (SVP) from Each of Your Other
 Two Business Centers
— 002 Left of You (Green Below)
 and 003 Right of You (Blue Below)

That Means, When You are Ready to Build Your Health and Wealth Future
 at 200 Points in Your 001 Business Center

Which is the
$270.60 Investment per Month in Your Own Health
 with the "EPPAC-PV 7"

+ 1 Extra Box Essentials Included — (Explained Below)

 You Must Have Ready Two Other People Also Wanting to Build Their Own Health
 and Wealth Futures on Your Left and Right Flanks in Position 002 (Left)
 and Position (003)
— as per the Diagram Below Here:

  "Position 002 Left"

Position 001
— You

"Position 003 Right"  


4.  That's It!  Repeat Until There is 50 Investor / Distributors

Equal Opportunity for Everyone!


50 Investor / Distributors in the Network, with the Same Investment
$270.60 per Month in Their Own Health with the "EPPAC-PV 7"

 +1 Extra Box of Essentials Included

Will Net $4,000 per Month from USANA Corporate
—  With the Required 5000 Sales Volume Points in the Network;

Another 50 Investor / Distributors Wanting the Same Health & Wealth
 Futures Will Achieve the Target Goal of $8,000 per Month

from USANA Corporate

— With the 10,000 Sales Volume Points Now in the Network

B.  The Monthly Investment in Your Company
And Why the Extra Box of Essentials are Included

Understanding the Monthly Investment of $
270.60 Each Month
for a $4,000 Return Each Month
—Ultimately Leading to $8,000 Return Each Month—

Need We Say More?!

But Let's Now Understand Our Investment

Your "EPPAC-BV 7" Above will Bring You to 176 Personal
  Volume Points Per Month

But, in Order to Achieve 200 Personal Volume Points per Month
in Your 001 Business Center

To Keep  Your Network Open and Maximized

All we Need do is Add in Another Box of Essentials
 which has a Point Value of 35

Which Brings us to 211 Personal Volume Points per Month.

Now We are at the Level of Volume to Get the Maximum
 Return on Your Investment!


No More Headaches on How to Run Your Business—or Finding Large
 Quantities of Time in Your Spare Time—in Order to Make the
  Level of Success You Would Like to See You Right;

Just Do the above with the Right Number of Investor / Distributors
with the Right $ Amount Investment Each Month—

Through the EPPAC-BV 7 (for Your Own Exquisite Health)
 + 1 Extra Box of Essentials

 Product Formula to Keep
 Your Business Maximized and Activated

EPPAC-BV7 + 1 (Essentials)

C.  How To Grow Your Network

With the Extra Box of the Essentials You will Be Getting
 Each Month with Your EPPAC-BV 7

Option One

1.  Use it to Introduce a New Investor / Distributor to Your Network, or

Option Two

  2.   Gift it to a Friend or Relative who Certainly Can Use it
 to Help Them Get Healthy as Well;

Option Three

3.  Or, You May Find Someone Who Simply Wants the Essentials and to Go No Further.

  In that Case, Simply Sign Them Up as a "Preferred Customer" in Your Network
 and USANA Corporate will Ship the Essentials Directly to Them

— which is Also Giving You More Sales Volume $$ in Your Network

—If You Place Them Strategically in the Balancing of the Left and Right
 Sides of Your Network;

All Three Options Above are Excellent in Many Ways as You See.

D.  The Value of Your Monthly Investment
 is Simply the Best 

$270.60 Each Month is not a Cost, it is an Investment —

in YOU

1.  Network Marketing Vs. the Brick and Mortar Business

In a normal brick and mortar business, you would have extremely high costs and overheads

 each month with rent, insurance, ordering in your stock and advertising —
not to mention the cost of  keeping your employees with
 whatever insurance you are required;

On Top of all That, You Yourself Can Get Sick
— So Your Brick and Mortar
 Business Suffers or Stops When You Suffer or Stop!

$270.60 each Month in Your Network Marketing Business
is Therefore Nothing to What a Brick and Mortar
 Business Would Cost You Each Month

In Network Marketing You Have NO OVERHEADS or Business Worries!

Plus, with the USANA Products You Come Out on Top with
 Exquisite Health at the Same Time!

The USANA Business Builds Your Health While Building
 Wealth at the Same Time
— That is an Unbeatable Combination, Full Stop.

The $270.60 each Month Then is an Investment in Yourself That Will Provide you with a
 Healthy and Happy Future to Choose Your Own Passion

You are Now Back on Track with the True American Dream
to Build the Nation as Healthy, Free, Independent and Prospering Citizens!

Be Vigilante and Sharp Like an Eagle

2.  Your USANA EPPAC-BV 7 True Health Care Package
 Vs. Other "Health Care" Packages

Stay Out of the Disease Operating Industries that Simply Steal
 Your Money and are Designed to Simply Profit from the Misery of the Many!:

Insurance Companies, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Get Killed and Maimed Through Pharmaceutical Drugs

(Did You Also Ever Listen to the Side Effects of Those Pharmaceutical
 Drug Ads on TV?
— Downright Scary!)

The Astounding Number of Deaths in the Disease Operating Industries

Consider Each Product in the EPPAC-BV 7 True Health Care Package as:

— 7 Specialized Doctors Coming to Your Door Each Month
   and Naturally Taking Care of Your Body!

E.  Leverage the Job You Already Have

Use Your Present Job to Support Your $270.60 USANA Investment;

Whatever Job You Have, Including if it is Just Mowing Lawns
 or Bagging Groceries

 You Will Be Able to Come Up with $270.60 Each Month
for Your $4,000 or, Ultimate, $8,000 Return.

At Some Point — Your Present Job of Linear Income Will No Longer Be
 Necessary to Support You and Your Monthly Investment for Total
 Health & Wealth Freedom;

You have Now Followed the Principles and Reaped the Benefit
 of Network Marketing.

* * *

If You are Experiencing Problem Areas in Your Health:


Target Problem Areas Naturally with USANA's
 Other Optimizers


The "Optimizers" with the Essential Mega Antioxidant Vitamins
 and Chelated Minerals Target Problem Areas to Re-Balance
 and Restore the Body to Good Function

All Natural, Scientifically Formulated for Optimum Health

Health Concerns and Conditions

(Prices May Vary Slightly Due to Company Changes)

Brain Memory * Ginkgo-PS

Unique Ginkgo biloba formula supporting acute memory function and cognition.

Retail: $36.23   Preferred: $32.94


Restoration of the Natural Sleep Cycle * Pure Rest

Fast-acting, pure melatonin supplement promotes the body's natural sleep and wake cycles.

Retail: $16.45   Preferred: $14.95



Detoxing and Supporting the Liver * Hepasil DTX

Powerful antioxidant to help liver deal with the huge amounts of oxidative
 stress generated through body's detox processes.

Retail: $35.75   Preferred: $32.50



Powerful Vitamin C  Anti-Oxidant in Times of Stress * Booster C 600

Special blend of immunity supporting ingredients like zinc, echinacea, and elderberry
 with proprietary Poly C.

Retail: $32.45   Preferred: $29.50

Keep Those Joints Functioning*  Procosa

Groundbreaking formula for optimal joint health. With Meriva bioavailable
 curcumin complex you pop less pills.

Retail: $30.25   Preferred: $27.50

Heartburn This*  Chewable Calcium

Chewable bone health formula. Works great as an antacid for occasional heartburn.

Retail: $26.35   Preferred: $23.95


Nothing Like Great Digestion!


Brings balance to the belly with healthy blend of good bacteria. Clinically proven!

Retail: $27.45   Preferred: $24.95

Digestive Enzyme

Supports efficient digestive health and supports your body's natural detoxification processes.

Retail: $32.95   Preferred: $29.95

Fibergy Plus

Low-calorie, high-fiber, non-tasting blend that promotes good digestive health.
 Also controls hunger.

Retail: $32.95   Preferred: $29.95


Women's Hormones * PhytoEstrin


Mood swings, hot flashes & night sweats! Eases the transition into
 menopause. All-Natural.

Retail: $21.93   Preferred: $19.94


Men's Hormones * Palmetto Plus

Science-based supplement for men that supports long-term prostate health and function.

Retail: $24.15   Preferred: $21.95


* * *

USANA Nutritionals Important for the Optimal Development
 of Babies, Children and Teens:

As Life Begins in the Womb

BabyCare Prenatal Essentials

An excellent foundation of optimal nutrition to safely support
 the health of mother and baby.

Retail: $50.00   Preferred: $45.45


Usanimals for Children

Daily vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants now formulated with iron and more Vitamin B & D.

 Retail: $15.35   Preferred: $13.95

Body Rox for Teens

 Daily vitamins, minerals & antioxidants with added phytonutrients
 and lutein for great looking skin.

Retail: $24.75   Preferred: $22.50

BiOmega Jr.

A delicious burst of omega-3s for healthy minds and bodies. Creamy
 gel with delicious orange-pineapple flavor.

Retail: $18.65   Preferred: $16.95





Strategic Health & Wealth

For the Gold Star 7 Health Strong Network

1.  www.startingwithyou.org


Because of the INTENTIONAL SOIL DEPLETION THAT BREAKS DOWN THE HUMAN BODY FROM BIRTH, understand WHY we need to take not simply vitamins but also minerals.

Once we see the NEED through the Right Track we now can begin with THE BEST.

2.  Introduce USANA Mega Anti-oxidants to FEEL the difference

3.  Know that all Health begins in the cell.  You must constantly guard against cell damage, or suffer constant illness and debilitating disease

4.  Read the "Your Health, Your Life, Your Way" USANA Newspaper
— Contact this site for one

5.  Learn about Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Good Health through "Life's Greatest Opportunity" by Virend Singh

6.  See how an income of $7,000+ per month is possible with the strategic health and wealth planning of the "Power of 2 x 2 Acceleration to Success Diagram"

7.  Change the track of your life to strategic health & wealth and COMMIT to the "Gold Star 7 Health Strong" Investment in Yourself

9.  Reach out to others and share the strategic health & wealth planning with:


a.  Those who are serious about their health or simply those who know that they must value their health;


b.  Those who are looking for another income stream to be able to support them fully.


Our objective as a Gold Star 7 Health Strong Network is to Look Out for Yourself:

i)  Be the wonderfully healthy and alive Human being that you are  naturally born to be;

 ii)  For the healthy expression of all that you wish to be and do;

iii)  For the great FUTURE you wish to have both comfortable and healthy, instead of:

“Obamacare, ….. benefits the insurance companies, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and not the people who need it.”

Our Right Track is Accurate
and Right!

Bottom Line for the New Track of Your Life:

iv)  Staying Healthy while Getting Wealthy!

-- * * * --


Knowledge on the Meaning and Necessity of "Residential Income"

-- * * * - - -

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